CIC-LO was founded by Matt Boulton with the idea of creating a menswear brand with a focus on cycling, innovation and style. 

Matt could also see a huge change happening in the cycling industry. Commuter & city bicycle brands were growing in popularity, E-bikes were on the rise and urban cycling accessories, such as urban helmets, were becoming established in the market. Matt thought "The cycling industry is evolving, so why is the cycling apparel market not moving with the times?".

So, coming from a startups and entrepreneurship background, Matt saw the huge opportunity and decided to run with it and started the journey of building CIC-LO.

Matt has had countless meetings with suppliers from all over the world, meeting incredible people, to find the most innovative solutions. This was followed by one year of user-testing, prototyping, focus groups and product development to ensure everything was perfect.

Now that idea is a reality and CIC-LO launched in January 2020 with our signature trousers, THE LONDON.

At CIC-LO, we believe cycling is the key to more sustainable cities, and in turn, a more sustainable future. By pairing advanced technical solutions with modern, sleek aesthetics we are making cycling more effortless and accessible. Our versatile clothing provides maximum comfort when riding as well as allowing our customers to own the smart-casual look at work and look great during their evening plans.

In the coming years THE LONDON trousers will be followed by a full product range with one mission; to give city commuters a stylish and comfortable clothing range to get them from A to B and onwards.