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For years, cyclists just like us have experienced the frustration of not finding suitable commuting clothing for the everyday. At NU-VEL our aim is simple – create clothing that is made for cycling, whilst also being perfect for all-day wear.

Ultimately, we are looking to redefine your wardrobe, bringing you only the most essential pieces that are designed  for the activities of every day.


Our mission is to build the best global network of suppliers and factories that our industry has ever seen. The start of our journey consisted of meeting incredible suppliers and manufacturers from all over the globe. A lot of zoom calls and meetings later, we have partnered with the most advanced textile labs in the market, who all share our vision. We are able to utilise the latest technology available to engineer our industry leading clothing.


We continue to push the limits, to innovate and improve. As well as working on our everyday essentials, we are now looking further. Recently partnering with a Paris fashion-tech lab, we are experimenting with wearable-tech to evolve beyond the current marketplace.