Matt’s Top Picks - Bikes

As technologies develop and new materials are created, the number of great bikes on the market is endless. No matter what your need is and no matter what style you want, there is most definitely a suitable bike out there for you. 

With the successful launch of CIC-LO’s first product, THE LONDON, I thought I would share with you the bikes I can’t stop looking at! As, although style is a key factor when developing CIC-LO pieces, cycling is still at the core of everything we design. So, take a look at my top 4 bikes right now to hopefully give you some inspiration for your next bike purchase (once you have bought THE LONDON trousers obviously!).


Image result for Vanmoof"

This is an amazing bike. I must admit, this is the bike I own so a bit of bias comes in to play here, but this is by far my favourite. I have the Smart S which comes with a host of features such as rider recognition, theft defence system, lights that charge as you cycle and a stunning design. 

Vanmoof recently launched their electric bikes too. It has all the features of the Smart bikes range as well as all the benefits of an electric bike - including a turbo boost accelerator! 

They offer subscriptions for their Smart bikes range which is a great option if you want to try it out before committing. 

Head to to read more about the brand and check out their bikes. 



Tokyo Bike

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I think of these as the bike equivalent of THE LONDON trousers: stylish, modern and urban. It’s a great looking bike, and with the additions on the mudguards and the front rack/ basket, it’s very practical for getting around the city too.

You can browse their bikes and accessories here:



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You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of these guys. With the unique 3-way folding technology they are a fantastic bike for the city commuter. There is a great feature on the website too which highlights when your Brompton will pay for itself once you enter your monthly commuting costs and gym costs.

Brompton have also recently released their e-bike, making it easier for their customers to commute around the city. A good friend of mine owns this bike and they love it! They ride around everywhere and haven't bothered with the London Underground since owning one. 

They also offer a £35 per month subscription model for their Brompton B75.

Head to to check out their bikes (you can have a play around with the 'build your own' function too!). 


Freddie Grubb

Image result for freddie Grubb bike"I remember seeing someone riding this recently and I had to ask what bike brand it was as I didn’t recognise the bike. If you want a bike that will turn heads, these are for you. I must admit, I don't know much about the brand but since seeing one on the road they are immediately up there with my favourites! 

You can check them out at:

As we said at the start, there are so many options out there, and these are by no means the only bikes available. We urge everyone to have a look at the bikes above and beyond... bikes have come a very long way so get out there and get cycling!

CIC-LO is a fashion-led cycling brand with a vision to reinvent the cycling wardrobe! We are the start of a cycling revolution and our mission is to create a whole product range, inclusive of womenswear, to get you from A to B and onwards in style. 

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