How 'FOMO' conceived CIC-LO

It was getting towards the end of a long September day in London and I got the classic text, “Fancy a few beers tonight?”. I was ready to accept until I suddenly realised, I'd cycled to work that day head-to-toe in my lycra cycling gear. 

I knew if I said yes I would be drinking, so cycling home wasn’t an option. The issue wasn’t my bike though…it was my clothes! I love a spontaneous night out after work. Who doesn’t? But a spontaneous night out when you cycled in with all your gear isn’t fun. 

I wasn’t thinking about the evening at all when I was planning what to wear that morning. My routine was something most of us do; wear my cycling gear in, change at work into my normal clothes, then change back into my cycling gear to head home. It was an annoying routine I’d just ended up accepting. Ultimately, my morning choices did not have a night out in mind, so this was my first reason for saying no to the night out. 

My second reason was that I’d have my cycling bag with me, which is always so uncomfortably full. Plus I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to run back to the bar because I suddenly realised I’ve left my bag there. Thankfully, all my tight lycra gear and cleats aren’t on anyone’s shopping list so I’ve always been able to retrieve it. 

Weighing these reasons up I just replied, “Sorry, can’t tonight mate” without even explaining the reasons why. But before I pressed send, I thought, why should I miss out just because I decided to cycle in today?.

It got me thinking... why is there no stylish alternative allowing you to look good on and off the bike? Why isn’t there a cycling brand for riders who are fashion-conscious? Why isn’t there a brand that offers innovative, versatile clothing that caters to the busy lifestyle we all have living in a city? But most importantly, why should my social life be put on hold just because I cycled in? I couldn’t shake these ideas out of my head, but I put it all on hold because I decided to go out. Classic thirsty Thursday. 

I had a great time, but I kid you not, I ended up missing the last train home because I left my bag in McDonalds and had to run back to get it. 

I remember that journey home so vividly because I was so annoyed. All I could think about was how there must be a fashion-led cycling brand that would solve the issues I’d faced that night. 

What’s out there already? There must be a brand doing this? 

The whole journey I was googling. 

Functional casual cycling wear... Urban cycling clothing... Stylish cycling wear… 

On and on this went and numerous results came up, but nothing was what I envisioned in my mind. Of course, there were cycling brands already out there, but all were seriously lacking the style element. You have brands that are clearly performance clothing first, and urban clothing second –and the results of their urban-wear highlight this. Then there are brands that promote themselves as urban cycling wear, but their clothing lacks style, ambition and honestly, the aesthetics are poor. 

It’s time for a change!

It’s time to give city cyclists the stylish clothing they deserve - a cycling brand that is seen as a fashion & lifestyle brand.

After all, if The North Face could make hiking jackets cool, why hasn’t cycling clothing evolved? 


I’ve been working on the idea of a fashion-led cycling brand for city cyclists since September 2018. Finally, the idea has turned into reality and CIC-LO has officially launched with, THE LONDON - our tailored fit trousers (we’ll be doing a special blog on THE LONDON soon).

CIC-LO is the start of a cycling revolution and our mission is to create a whole product range, inclusive of womenswear, to get you from A to B and onwards in style. 

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